Welcome to our Family Kayaking Adventures, where the fun never ends and safety is our top priority. We’ve tailored an experience just for you and your young crew, ensuring every moment is brimming with excitement and wonder.
What to Expect on Your Family Kayaking Adventure:
Treasure Trail Excitement: Get paddling on our kayak treasure trail, where hidden gems await discovery around every bend. Following clues placed in certain locations you will kayak along this stunning location solving the clues as we have a relaxed paddle to the hidden treasure. To solve the clues teamwork will be required and after solving the clues and finding the treasure you will be rewarded with sweets and a sheet to sign. The return journey back to the start can be another relaxed paddle or some kayak games and challenges.
Photos will be taken during the activity and sent via email or direct to phone.
1. It’s the ultimate quest for budding adventurers!
2. Safety First, Fun Always: Our seasoned guides prioritize your family’s safety, providing expert instruction and top-notch equipment for a worry-free journey on the water.
3. Memories in the Making: Create lasting memories as you paddle through picturesque landscapes and bond over shared experiences. In the safe lake location, our kayaking trip promise stunning views and endless opportunities for exploration.

Photos will be taken during the activity and sent via email or direct to your phone.

Session lasts about 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Is kayaking suitable for young families?
Absolutely! Our Family Kayaking Adventures cater to families of all ages and skill levels. Whether you or your little ones are seasoned paddlers or trying kayaking for the first time, our friendly guides ensure everyone feels confident and comfortable on the water.
2. What safety measures are in place?
Your safety is our priority. Our guides are certified experts in water safety, equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any situation. We provide life jackets for all participants and conduct thorough safety briefings before every trip.

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The following equipment is supplied as required wetsuits, paddling jacket, buoyancy aid and helmet. Shoes not supplied

Please bring spare footwear (suitable for walking), a towel, drink and a snack.

Dunlewey Kayaking cannot take any responsibility for people’s personal equipment eg. glasses, phones, cameras etc that may be brought along on a trip.

Sit on top kayaks are used, with single or double options available

Trips are weather dependent but other options may be available

Small group sizes (maximum 6)